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Fleet Optimization & Innovation Headlines of the Week 2019 11 13

A Call for Convergence. . . Headlines of the Week- November 13, 2019 View this email in your browser 

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There is no such thing as accidents—just a means of communicating a message.

Within the past 4 hours I have been privy to two different fora discussing our industry.  In both, the comment was made about shipping’s isolation as a barrier to change and evolution,

“Shipping needs to be fully integrated in the bigger ecosystem.  It can no longer afford to be isolated.”- Mike Powell, Cardinal Point Marine during the “Technical Innovation and Optimizing Transportation and Logistics Web Panel.”

“When it comes to infrastructure for ocean innovation, panelists agreed that development tends to be quite siloed. There are both differences and similarities in regional approaches, but the panelists agreed that it’s increasingly critical to tackle our ocean’s problems with a cross-sectoral approach… When it comes to certain industries, like shipping and aquaculture, according to the panelists, siloed thinking is very evident.”- overview of SeaAhead Global Bluetech Summit.

Next week, I will be speaking at a Mareforum event in Houston on the topic of “Convergence:  Silos crumbling in the face of change”.  My theme will not be different:  shipping needs to participate in the integration of the supply chain. Whether it likes it or not, the silos that have historically protected shipping are crumbling.  Call it innovation, technology, or cultural there is a seismic shift occurring.

Global standards need to be set.  Communication and trust need to be employed.  Our vision for our future needs to broaden beyond the tactical to the strategic as we move towards the next decade.

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News of the Week
November 13, 2019 
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IMO 2020

British scientists to track down sulphur cap cheats by peering into the clouds

2019-11-06 – British researchers have developed a method to track down ships flouting the sulphur cap next year by watching clouds. The study. . . READ MORE

Shipping industry is 2020-ready, says IBIA

2019-11-11 – The IBIA Annual Convention 2019, which took place on October 22 to 24, focused on the transition to the global low-sulphur. . . READ MORE
Alternative Fuels

Containership to Convert to Synthetic Fuel

2019-11-06 – ROTTERDAM – Today in Rotterdam Wessels Marine and MAN Energy Systems announced an innovative project to convert the containership. . . READ MORE

Maersk calls on battery makers for help

2019-11-06 – Maersk has put out a call to battery makers around the world, suggesting this could be one of the other technologies. . . READ MORE

MSC Cruises to Install Solid Oxide Fuel Cell on MSC Europa

2019-11-06 – At the steel-cutting ceremony for the newbuild MSC Europa, MSC Cruises and Chantiers de l’Atlantique announced. . . READ MORE
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CargoSmart completes proof-of-concept of data exchange platform

2019-11-07- CargoSmart announced the successful completion of a proof-of-concept with eTradeConnect, of the new data exchange platform Global Shipping Business Network. . . READ MORE

Lloyd’s: Multi-Port Cyber Attack Could Mean $101 Billion Insurance Gap

2019-10-30 – Lloyd’s has released a new report Shen Attack: Cyber risk in Asia Pacific Ports which explores a hypothetical cyber-attack on major ports. . . READ MORE

New report claims slow steaming is ‘closest thing to a silver bullet’ for IMO

2019-11-11 – On the eve of the latest round of UN ship climate negotiations at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, a new report published by Seas at Risk. . . READ MORE

IMO Releases Harmonized Data Structure

2019-11-11 – The IMO has made its compendium of data structures available as a tool for software developers to create systems for exchanging data electronically. . . READ MORE

Smart ports and supply chain along the digital Silk Road

2019-11-12 – There has been much debate around the need for a level of digital integration within logistics and supply chain systems. Driving the debate is the shift. . . READ MORE

2020: What will change in maritime cyber security

2019-11-10 – In its latest issue of Be Cyber Aware at Sea, Phish and Ships discusses the upcoming 2020 transition. . . READ MORE

Top 10 key facts about IoT and cyber-attacks

2019-09-26 – he new wave of technologies that are in high demand at the moment, includes of course the Internet. . . READ MORE

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