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The Power of Self-Determination

Self-determination, in its loosest form, has been a characteristic of the shipping industry since its inception.  From the Phoenicians until today, ships have sailed following their own routes, carrying its own cargo, and operating to its own benefit.  Since the formation of the IMO over 70 years ago, the shipping industry has operated under a universal framework, but still retained its freedom to determine its practices under that system.

But that freedom comes with responsibility.  As we approach January, the international environmental community will be watching to see how we manage this global shift to .5% low Sulphur fuel.  While there are sure to be initial startup snags, our ability to implement such a significant shift on a global basis will be carefully scrutinized.  While we are seeing some fraying around the edges, we must stay the course, or risk losing our right to determine our own course on this, and the impending changes related to GHGs.

These last few days leading up to the next decade are challenging but necessary to our future!  Thank you to all who are working tirelessly to make this happen!

Keep optimizing,
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