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Fleet Optimization & Innovation Headlines of the Week 2019 10 30

Where the Rubber meets the Road. . .  Headlines of the Week- October 30, 2019 View this email in your browser 

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Sometimes change is tough.  And sometimes talk is easy.  But as we get closer to January 1, 2020 it is disturbing to see cracks in the industry about adopting IMO2020.  We shuddered when Indonesia flirted with the idea of not requiring compliance for its domestic fleet, followed by India.  Now it looks as though Russia is balking.  As these nations consider the cost of compliance, rather than the benefit to their people in terms of air quality, more countries may see this as “permission” to do the same.  This would not reflect well upon our industry as a whole.

As I have been stating for months, the eyes of the international environmental community are on shipping to see how it manages the implementation of IMO2020 and how well we perform.  Will we be able to deliver on this IMO regulation which requires global shipping to reduce its Sulphur output from 3.5% to .5% through either the use of compliant fuel, scrubbers, or alternative fuels?  The IMO has even facilitated enforcement by also adopting a clear-cut guideline prohibiting the carriage of 3.5% fuel after March 1, 2020 if you don’t have a scrubber.

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to the public recognizing that our industry is regulated, and that IMO is that regulator.  We need universal compliance and enforcement of IMO2020 not only to respect the regulation, but to demonstrate that IMO is THE arbitrator of maritime regulations.  Countries that elect to ignore or postpone the regulation will undermine the credibility of the IMO and our industry, which the public already, and erroneously, views as cowboys who do whatever they want once they have disappeared over the horizon.

Further, if we cannot be trusted to embrace and enforce IMO2020, we will lose our self-determination when it comes to a more visible issue—greenhouse gasses.  IMO2020 is not only an important mechanism for reducing shipping’s impact on the environment—it is also a test.  Will we pass it?

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News of the Week
October 30, 2019 
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UK Startup Tracks Bunker Supplies with DNA and Blockchain

2019-10-21 – A new startup has come up with an unusual solution to improve accountability in the bunker supply chain: putting DNA tracers into the fuel at. . . READ MORE

Alternate Energy

Ship Design & The Inevitability of Change

2019-10-24 – At one time the most powerful lighthouse in the United States was Twin Lights in Highlands New Jersey. Today it is a wonderful. . . READ MORE

IMO: Ammonia, hydrogen promising fuels to decarbonization

2019-10-21 – Ammonia and hydrogen are promising potential fuels of the future in a decarbonized shipping industry. . . READ MORE

Maersk Promotes Alcohol, Biomethane and Ammonia as Fuel

2019-10-10 – A study by A.P. Moller – Maersk and Lloyd’s Register indicates that the best opportunities for decarbonizing shipping lie in finding new sustainable energy sources. . . READ MORE

IMO 2020

Scrubber retrofit delays see huge swathe of the merchant fleet out of service

2019-10-28- Delays are mounting for scrubber retrofits. Broking house Braemar ACM is reporting less than half of the planned scrubber retrofits on large tankers have . . . READ MORE

Ships slow down as higher fuel bills loom

2019-10-28- Ships are slowing down as the global sulphur cap approaches.
“With the premium for VLSFO over HFO currently projected at c.$240/t across. . . READ MORE

Russia May Delay Adopting Rules for Cleaner Ship Fuel

2019-10-28- Russia, one of the largest producers of the world’s favorite ship fuel, may delay local adoption of more stringent rules targeting air pollution. . . READ MORE


Panama to Modernize Greek Ship Registry

2019-10-29 – A delegation of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) led by Panama’s Minister of Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority Noriel Arauz. . . READ MORE

Latin American terminals join TradeLens

2019-10-25 – More than 50 ports and terminals from different countries in Latin America are currently working with the blockchain-based digital. . . READ MORE

AI (remember HAL??)

Singapore is ready to adopt AI technologies

2019-10-25 – Olivier Wyman forum launched the “Global Cities’ AI Readiness Index” ranking more than 100 countries. . . READ MORE

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