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Fleet Optimization & Innovation Headlines of the Week 2019 09 25

Getting to Zero—ACTA NON VERBA. . .  Headlines of the Week- September 25, 2019 View this email in your browser 

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This past week has witnessed a cry for help—from our youth.  They are asking–no, demanding– that the grownups making decisions about their future—their viability on a planet that is under assault—be proactive in their actions as well as their words.

On Monday at the United Nations, the Global Maritime Forum unveiled the “Getting to Zero Coalition” of 79 maritime companies intent on reducing GHGs in shipping.  The Ambition Statement calls on our industry community to progressively pursue ways to decarbonize to meet 2030 and 2050 goals for reducing emissions causing climate change.  Companies like Cargill, Maersk, Euronav, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, NAMEPA, RightShip and more moved to support initiatives to develop zero- emission vessels (ZEVs) and fuels.

ACTA NON VERBA.  Actions not words.  Some of you will recognize that as the motto of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point.  (Some of you know Latin and didn’t need the definition.)  All signs point to us taking ACTION today to mitigate our industry’s future impacts on the planet, especially as it relates to climate change.

Like most things in the global construct we call shipping, it isn’t easy.  We are talking about a vital component of global trade serving society, providing a necessary service utilizing 90,000 vessels.  We are talking about taking risks, making major investments, developing new technologies that have not been deployed in shipping.

As “they” say—if it were simple, everyone would be doing it.

This work is imperative so industry can prepare to meet the goals set forward by IMO on behalf of industry.  Not only is it good for the planet, it is good for industry and its role in global society.  The world will watch us to see how we respond—let’s be a force for positive change!!!  Let us live up to the expectations of our youth that we will find a way!

SHIPPINGInsight will provide us with the forum to discuss, debate and dream.  We are truly at maritime’s “monolith moment”.

And don’t forget to watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”!!

Keep optimizing

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News of the Week
September 25, 2019 
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The Poseidon Principles: De-carbonizing Global Shipping

2019-09-17 – The Global Maritime Forum, banking institutions and other maritime industry stakeholders have developed the Poseidon Principles. . . READ MORE

NYK becomes first Japanese shipping line to complete a carbon-neutral voyage

2019-09-19 – NYK has become the first Japanese shipping company to complete a carbon-neutral voyage by offsetting 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to the CO2. . . READ MORE

Shipping Sets Course for Zero Carbon Vessels, Fuel by 2030

2019-09-23 – Leading ports, banks, oil and shipping companies on Monday launched an initiative which aims to have ships and marine fuels with. . . READ MORE

Alternative Fuels

UN launches 2019 Sustainable Development Goals report

2019-09-18 – The World Shipping Council (WSC), the Washington-based liner shipping lobbying group, will pitch the creation of an . . READ MORE

Where sustainable biofuels fit in shipping’s bunker mix

2019-09-20 – Next week, Climate Week is descending on New Yorkers and the world. The voice of shipping will be heard loud and clear as the maritime community. . . READ MORE

IMO a step closer to green ship fuels, says Danish Maritime Authority

2019-09-19 – IMO’s Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers, held its 6th session on. . . READ MORE

2020 Compliance

ISO launches IMO 2020 specification for marine fuels

2019-09-19 – ISO informed that it has published the ‘ISO/PAS 23263:2019 Petroleum products — Fuels (class F) — Considerations for fuel. . . READ MORE

Shipping associations demand all IMO member states remain resolute as sulphur cap approaches

2019-09-19 – Amid reports of a number of Asian countries mulling delaying the implementation of the global sulphur cap, due to come into force . . READ MORE

China imposes penalties for breaching ECA low-sulphur fuel requirement

2019-09-19 – The UK Club informed that it has received an update from Oasis P&I Services Company Ltd., regarding. . . READ MORE

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