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Changing the Paradigm of Shipping

We are entering a world of transparency, where every action, word, deed and nearly thought is recorded and broadcast around the globe.  Globalization, digitalization, communications and more newly formed nouns are changing the way business, and society, is conducted.  To imagine otherwise would be hampering one’s ability to grow and be sustainable!

Shipping has a history of holding our cards close to the vest in order to maintain commercial advantages.  But that strategy may no longer be a sustainable approach today.  While I’m not advocating for companies to divulge commercial positions, I am suggesting that our industry needs to be sharing intelligence on how to operate more sustainably.  We need to come together to discuss what works, and what doesn’t.  In today’s demanding regulatory and commercial framework, we need to create a framework for the exchange of information that is comfortable for the participants—and supports industry’s goal of sustainability.

SHIPPINGInsight provides such a platform, where we can go from “blue sky” to “nuts and bolts”.  Our goals are to have the discussions which will support the industry in its transformation, protect the success of our companies, and move us further along in our goals for sustainability.

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