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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week July 03, 2019

To keep our Independence are we willing to “play by the rules?”. . .  Headlines of the Week- July 3, 2019 View this email in your browser

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This week is the annual celebration of America’s independence from England (some say they gave us away!).  Independence is a core human value, which is treasured in many regions around the world.

Our industry also treasures its independence.  While we operate under the global framework established by the IMO, and enforced by port and flag state control, we are still operating with the opportunity to act independently within those guidelines.

But independence comes with responsibility.  Think of your childhood where parents slowly meted out the rope, expanding your ability to go out into the world.  Remember, too, what happened when you missed a curfew, or didn’t fulfill an obligation?  Grounding, loss of allowance, and other sanctions ensued, all in the name of “teaching a lesson”.

What are we, as an industry, willing to do to retain our independence?  Are we willing to “play by the rules” and ensure that our operations are compliant with these global and local standards?  Are we willing to do what it takes to retain our “social license to operate”?  Yes, global society needs our services, but they are no longer willing to obtain those services at the cost of the environment and societal health.

Let’s celebrate our independence by doing the right thing to make our industry grow and prosper!

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News of the Week
July 3, 2019 
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Fourteen Maritime Organizations Protest Jamming and Spoofing 

2019-06-25 – Fourteen maritime organizations sent a letter to U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Karl Schultz on June 25, which is the IMO’s annual “Day of the Seafarer.” The letter urged the USCG to . . .READ MORE

Norway Addresses Broadband Communication in Arctic

2019-06-26 – Norwegian Government announced an agreement with the state-owned company Space Norway to address the unstable broadband communication in the north using satellites . . . READ MORE

5G Innovators Target Port Logistics

2019-06-27 – A range of initiatives aimed at bringing the benefits of 5G to ports are underway in Asia and Europe. 5G is generally seen as the fifth generation cellular network technology that provides broadband access . . . READ MORE


Why We Will Never See Fully Autonomous Commercial Ships

2019-06-25 – The world will never see fully autonomous transoceanic commercial cargo ships. In fact, autonomous vessels are likely to operate in only very limited situations . . . READ MORE

Subsea First: Autonomous Vehicle Docking in Recharge

2019-06-30 – In a world first, Saab Seaeye has successfully docked an autonomous vehicle to an Equinor subsea docking station to recharge its batteries and download data. . . READ MORE


World’s First Plastic-to-Fuel Vessel to Sail in 2020 

2019-06-26 – A former merchant seafarer is building a world-first boat that will be powered by plastic. The French Plastic Odyssey project, led by Simon Bernard, will see the 25-meter . . . READ MORE

Achieving Shipping’s Decarbonization by 2050

2019-06-26 – UMAS released two infographics showing what fuels will help decarbonize shipping by 2050. The infographic shows the deep emission cuts that will need to meet the IMO GHG targets. . . READ MORE

New Shangai owner plans to build 18 electric-powered bulkers

2019-07-01 – EVE Energy, a Chinese lithium battery producer, has entered into a framework agreement with Shanghai Hanshun Shipping to jointly develop a fleet of electric-powered bulk carriers. . . READ MORE

IMO 2020

Counting down to sulphur 2020: limiting air pollution from ships; protecting human health and the environment

2019-06-26 – New requirements for ships to cut sulphur oxide emissions enter into effect on 1 January 2020, marking a sea change in fuel used by ships, globally, which will significantly reduce air pollution from ships with positive benefits for human health and the environment. . . . READ MORE

Singapore to inspect ships’ IMO 2020 compliance based on a risk matrix

2019-06-14 – During her opening address on the enforcement of the 2020 sulphur cap, MPA Singapore’s Chief Executive, Quah Ley Hoon, said that vessel will be chosen for inspection according to a risk matrix. The matrix will consider the compliance option of the ship and if a Fuel Oil Non-Availability Report (FONAR) has been submitted.. . . . READ MORE

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