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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week June 26, 2019

#IAmOnBoard with gender equaility. . .  Headlines of the Week- June 26, 2019          View this email in your browser

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Missed Opportunity

June 25th is the annual IMO International Day of the Seafarer, with a theme this year of “#IAmOnBoard with gender equality” driving the agenda. Including women into the maritime industry is important on a variety of levels—but most especially as we are missing out on more than 50% of the world’s talent pool.

Traditional barriers to including women in the industry are in the past, such as only jobs requiring manual labor and inaccessibility to maritime education ranking near the top.  Today’s progress in shipping towards greater automation, and the admission of women into maritime academies for more than 40 years should certainly result in a higher attraction and retention performance, no?

There are certainly examples of women who are entering and rising to the top.  Carnival Cruises, International Seaways, Princess Cruises, Foremost Group and Celebrity Cruises all boast women as Presidents or CEOs, the new Virgin Cruises has the first female Captain from Canada for its maiden ship. These are important milestones, but only the beginning.  There are also great examples of women in the maritime academy, with the United States Coast Guard Academy fielding a class that is 38% diverse.

Retaining women in the workplace, or in the Coast Guard, is another matter.  A recent RAND corporation report revealed that retention of women in the service is much lower than for men.  They are looking at ways to improve this loss.

But what can we do as industry to attract and retain women?   How are we creating an environment where women feel welcome and safe?  This is an industry-wide issue that requires an industry-wide effort.  AND, you might be more profitable too!

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News of the Week
June 26, 2019 
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The Human Factor

International Day of the Seafarer: #IAmOnBoard

2019-06-24 – The International Day of the Seafarer is celebrated each year on June 25, and this year, the IMO is calling on everyone in the maritime world to get on board with this year’s theme of gender equality. . . READ MORE


Singapore to inspect ships’ IMO 2020 compliance based on a risk matrix

2019-06-14 – During her opening address on the enforcement of the 2020 sulphur cap, MPA Singapore’s Chief Executive, Quah Ley Hoon, said that vessel will be chosen for inspection according to a risk matrix. The matrix will consider the compliance option of the ship and if a Fuel Oil Non-Availability Report (FONAR) has been submitted. . . READ MORE

U.S. Charges Greek Ship Operator and Two Engineers Over Oily Waste Dumping, Cover-Up

2019-06-18 – The United States has charged a Greek cargo ship operator and two of its chief engineers with environmental crimes for allegedly failing to record the illegal dumping of oily waste into international waters and then obstructing justice by ordering the ship’s crew to lie about it. . . READ MORE


Clothing giant H&M first to try on Maersk’s landmark carbon-neutral transport offering

2019-06-20 – In claiming another first for the industry today, Maersk has unveiled a carbon-neutral product using biofuel that it is now offering to select clients. . . READ MORE

IMO 2020’s Supply Chain Impact to Last ‘More than a Year’

2019-06-20 – The path to complying with the IMO’s 0.5% sulphur cap regulations on bunker fuel in six months’ time will be “rocky” for carriers, and leave the maritime industry “shaken” according to new guidance. . . READ MORE

Eyes in the sky?

Idwal Marine: Google Street View of shipping coming soon

2019-06-24 – There’s been a noticeable drop in maintenance of dry bulk ships and container vessels over the past two years, according to new analysis from Cardiff-based Idwal Marine, a maritime consultancy and data service provider. . . READ MORE


To achieve digitalization the industry should be re-invented, Wallem CEO says

2019-06-21 – LR’s James Forsdky Asia Vice President – Hong Kong and Taiwan discussed with Wallem CEO, Frank Coles, about digitalization and the future of the shipping industry. Mr Cole explains that the shipping industry has to adapt to a new attitude to fully embrace digitalization and follow in the successful footsteps of the nuclear, aviation and aerospace industries. Thus, Mr Coles talks about training and awareness that will boost companies digitalization goals. . . READ MORE

Green Shipping

NYK pips Maersk in new green report

2019-06-25 – Among the largest listed shipping companies in the world, China’s state-run giant Cosco has been branded the line doing the least to cut its carbon footprint, while Japan’s Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) narrowly beat Denmark’s Maersk as the most proactive player in terms of its green policies, according to a new report out today. . . READ MORE

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