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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week May 01, 2019

Innovate or implode- you choose. . .  Headlines of the Week- May 1, 2019          View this email in your browser

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Looking Ahead with SeaAhead

It was my distinct honor yesterday to attend a Maritime Innovation Summit hosted in Boston by SHIPPINGInsight Partner, SeaAhead.  This was a gathering in an area they term the “Innovation Cluster” and, judging from the range of technologies and innovations discussed, they may well be giving Silicon Valley a run for its money!!  It was also terrific to see the range of maritime interests in attendance:  Shell, Marsoft, Moran Shipping, SeaRiver Maritime, ConocoPhillips and Polar Tankers, McAllister Towing, Wartsila, Liberian Registry, Phoenix Bulk and more!  I also saw many of our SHARK TANK participants!

The agenda was a mix of presentations on the pathways technology companies were following to bring their products to the marine industry, along with incubators illuminating their structure and funding opportunities.  In addition, specific topics were addressed (digitalization, cybersecurity, cleantech and coastal resiliency, and Smart tech—autonomy, robotics and sensing) which were followed by group roundtables about these areas.  The day ended with an open forum where emerging technologies made a 5-minute pitch on their products (future SHIPPINGInsight SHARK TANK “chum”???).

Much like SHIPPINGInsight, this was a terrific opportunity for the marine community to gather and discuss what is needed to face the future, and how technology can support that.  One presenter actually posed the question: “Why do we care about innovation?” along with a photo of a Barnes & Noble store (perhaps the last remaining Blockbuster store in Oregon would have been more apt?).

While the STRUCTURE of ships will not significantly change (except to meet evolving EEDI expectations), the BUSINESS of shipping needs to.  We need to become more efficient, better connect ship and shore, provide professionals with the best possible tools to do their craft (without overwhelming them with too much information) and increase safety and mariner welfare.

A tall order?  You betcha!!!  But we can do it!!!

Keep optimizing,


     Carleen Lyden Walker
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News of the Week
May 1, 2019 
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An Interview with
Wajdi Abdmessih
Seahawk Services

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Google participates in maritime artificial intelligence pilot

2019-04-24 – Class society ABS, Google Cloud and digital consultants SoftServe have completed a pilot project applying artificial intelligence (AI) models to detect levels of corrosion and coating breakdown on ships and offshore structures. . . READ MORE


How can shipping industry collaborate effectively with start-ups

2019-04-23 – Start-ups have the capability to help the maritime industry adopt innovation among the increasing intrusion of digital technologies and lead its transformation. However, how exactly can they help the industry in doing so and are there any problems during this process?. . . READ MORE


The transition to a hydrogen future has begun

2019-04-24 – Mr Noé van Hulst, a former Chair of the IEA Governing Board, addressed the future development of hydrogen in the maritime industry. He notes that the general idea is that hydrogen will play a crucial role in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future. Thus, it is of a great importance, to help reduce carbon emissions from the shipping sector and in the meantime, provide a long-term energy storage at scale. . . READ MORE

‘Plug-in’ Hybrid Ship Launched

2019-04-29 – Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein has launched the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship at its Ulstein Verft.  The vessel is now undergoing completion work prior to her delivery this summer. . . READ MORE


CMA CGM Launches eSolutions Digital Platform

2019-04-25 – The CMA CGM Group has launched CMA CGM eSolutions, a digital system which enables its customers to manage the transport of their goods entirely via a digital interface. . . READ MORE

Maersk now offering digital ocean customs clearance

2019-04-29 – Maersk has launched an industry-first customs clearance online shipping management platform in seven European countries – Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain – with the goal of expanding this offering across the world by the end of 2019. . . READ MORE

No industry for old men

2019-04-29 – The first step in making a change is acknowledging the need for change and by that marker, the maritime industry should by now be well along with the process of digital transformation. To judge by the attention lavished on digitalisation at the Sea Asia exhibition earlier this month, the topic ranks ahead of regulation and profitability in the minds of owners. . . READ MORE


Port of Rotterdam Deploys Blockchain for Green Power

2019-04-28 – The Port of Rotterdam’s blockchain incubator, BlockLab, is beginning to launch its first applications, according to the seaport.  In a network without central leadership, trust is often lacking, but it is needed for large-scale data sharing that can simplify and accelerate business  processes. Blockchain provides that trust because transaction data is recorded in a secure way on a huge number of computers. . . READ MORE


European nations demand more urgent ship emission regulations

2019-04-30 – European nations are determined to get ship emissions cut quicker than current timelines proposed by regulators and lobbyists.  Following France’s proposal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for speed limits for shipping, Denmark, Germany and Spain have submitted a joint proposal ahead of next month’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) session. . . READ MORE

SHIPPINGInsight Updates

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