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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week March 27, 2019

Time to Communicate the Value Proposition of Shipping. . .  Headlines of the Week- March 27, 2019          View this email in your browser

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Making Waves

It is my honor to sit on the Board of a naval architecture company, which is primarily, but not exclusively, engaged in military projects. During the course of dinner, we raised a number of topics:  autonomous versus unmanned vessels (a hot US Navy and commercial discussion), the impacts of the human factor (remember the two Navy incidents in the Pacific/Singapore last year?), and this past weekend’s drama with the Viking Sky cruise ship off of Norway.  These were all headline topics for the table with my fellow Board members—all of whom have been in the naval architecture or Navy business all their careers.  I’m the lone commercial voice in the bunch.

But then one of them asked, “Is it true that shipping is the most environmentally benign transport system compared to airplanes and trucks?  Why doesn’t the public hear that message?”

As most of you know, I am passionate about communicating the value proposition of shipping.  I can bore friends and strangers for hours on the topic of how great the industry is and how their lives are inextricably linked to shipping, and how they benefit from this linkage. But you know all that.

The answer is that we aren’t organized globally to communicate this message.  As a fragmented business, we don’t reach beyond our commercial realm to collectively communicate our business, our value, and the opportunities that exist for communities and individuals.  We don’t exploit the romance of our work and tell our stories to the public. But maybe we need to be reminded about our value, and what a great job we are doing to provide a seamless global transportation system?  Maybe we need an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and those who advance our industry?

SHIPPINGInsight is partnering with SAFETY4SEA in May to bring together the world’s greatest shipping nation with the commercial heft of the Americas for the first Hellenic American Maritime Forum being held May 28th-30th in Athens where shipowners and managers can voice their concerns and needs while finding solutions and collaborations.  An important feature of the Forum is the Awards Program, where we recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our industry.

Take a few minutes now to look at the Awards Program and submit your nominations.  Nominations are closing this Friday, March 29th so act fast!!

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     Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
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News of the Week
March 27, 2019 
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An Interview with

Cody Falcon
Vice President of Product
Arundo Analytics


Shipowners Fret IMO 2020 as Ports Ban Open-Loop Scrubbers

2019-03-19 – More ports around the world are banning ships from using a fuel cleaning system that pumps waste water into the sea, one of the cheapest options for meeting new environmental shipping rules. . . READ MORE


Maersk Trials Biofuel Blend in Triple-E Container Ship

2019-03-22 – Maersk Line is partnering with the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition to conduct the largest ever pilot of biofuel in a maritime application. Maersk sees this as part of its strategy to act on climate change and work towards its internal goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2050. . .READ MORE

Hydrogen Fuel for Zero Emission Cruise Ships

2019-03-24 – General Electric’s (GE) Power Conversion business and Nedstack, Dutch fuel cell manufacturer, have entered into a partnership to develop hydrogen fuel cell systems for powering zero-emission cruise vessels. . . READ MORE

CMA CGM box ship refuels with bio fuel oil

2019-03-18 – The 5,095 TEU containership CMA CGM White Shark was successfully refueled with marine bio fuel oil in the Port of Rotterdam on Saturday, March 23.  As we reported earlier, IKEA Transport & Logistics Services, CMA CGM, the GoodShipping Program and the Port of Rotterdam have partnered to trial the use of bio fuel as a step towards the decarbonization of ocean freight. . .READ MORE


IMO’s GloFouling Project Kicks Off

2019-03-23 – The IMO has started a five-year project to help protect marine biodiversity – the first globally coordinated effort to address biofouling. . . READ MORE


Inmarsat Accepts $3.4 Billion Takeover Offer

2019-03-25 – Satellite communications company Inmarsat has recommended shareholders accept a $3.4 billion takeover offer from the newly formed Triton Bidco consortium. . .READ MORE

SHIPPINGInsight Updates

A unique event bringing together the Hellenic American Maritime Stakeholders to discuss, network and exchange views and ideas towards a safe, smart, green, optimized, innovative and sustainable shipping industry

May 28-30
Megaron Athens

Our industry is going through a profound and perplexing period of change as it navigates to the future. It is being asked to provide a seamless transportation system that is safe, green and smart. To achieve sustainability, it needs to be innovative and optimized.

This is why SAFETY4SEA and SHIPPINGInsight have collaborated to produce the Hellenic American Maritime Forum: to provide an environment where shipowners and managers can voice their concerns and needs while finding solutions and collaborations.

What better way than to align the world’s greatest shipping nation with the commercial heft of the Americas?

Learn more about the Hellenic American Maritime Forum (HAMF)


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