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Convergence: Silos crumbling in the face of change? (Part 2)

Right now, we think we are a noble industry, carrying 90% of the world’s goods and energy. But if people think about us, they think of water and oil and dead birds.  If we’re not connected as an industry, we can’t be effective to change that.

What’s the solution? Action Changes Things. We need to ACT.

For one, we have the opportunity to incorporate the benefits of digitalization and automation for greater efficiency.

We need to embrace blockchain in order to increase competitiveness. We need to streamline our operations to be more efficient and secure which also builds trust.

We need to eliminate vulnerabilities by doing the best job we can. We need to need to create convergence within companies. The CEO has to understand not only the finance but the operations, and the operations people have to understand the finance.

So, the convergence has to happen within companies and also with sectors. Shipping needs to understand the challenges ports are facing and ports need to understand the challenges shipping is facing.

We have to understand that the ports are under attack by their communities. They have to demonstrate good citizenship to their communities. Collectively, we can work together to build shipping’s profile in the public.

Silos blocking our growth will crumble; growth and prosperity will ensue.

Keep optimizing,


     Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
+1 203 255 4686 (o)
+1 203 260 0480 (m)

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