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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week February 13, 2019


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Convergence: Silos crumbling in the face of change (Part 1)?

We know where we are today, we don’t know where we’re going tomorrow and that creates some anxiety, because change is uncomfortable.  It’s the unknown that challenges us emotionally, physically and professionally.

Shipping connects the globe, we all know that. But, shipping isn’t connected. We have risks today that we are facing if we do not address change. If we stay with the status quo we are at risk of inefficiency, higher costs, vulnerability, poor communications and lack of a positive image.

Inefficiency extracts its price. Fleet and port efficiencies translate into cost savings. Are you willing to walk away from the opportunity to save money? You invest a little, you gain a lot.  Digitalization and blockchain are two opportunities for us to become more efficient as an industry.

As an industry we’re also vulnerable. Amazon and Alibaba are entering our industry in the logistics part of it. They demand efficiency. And if, we as an industry, can’t meet their demands they’re will come in and do it themselves.

The second area of vulnerability is cyber security. It’s not a question of ‘if’ it’s a question of ‘when’. The IMO is going to be requiring you to have a cyber security plan by 2021. But why wait?  The incidents of cyber-attacks and cyber invasion are happening every day. Take action now.

Then we get to the issue of silos. It creates a poor level of communication. Ships don’t talk to ports, don’t talk to trucks. We have what we call an intermodal trade- but it isn’t communicating!

We are one shipping industry with the opportunity to leverage the size of our industry, the breath and the strength of our industry. So, let’s get rid of the silos and let’s start to integrate as an industry.

Keep optimizing,


     Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
+1 203 255 4686 (o)
+1 203 260 0480 (m)

News of the Week
February 13, 2019 
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An Interview with

Chris Kalamaras

Customer Engagement Managager

Safety at Sea

Mother Earth’s Safety First

2019-02-01 – Global Environmental Activism Inertia Has Taken Driver’s Seat on Maritime Policy.  Compared to other global industries, shipping is relatively insulated from the general public at large—surprisingly so given its global reach and indispensability. It is not a world where people understand that without shipping, “half the world would starve, while the other half would freeze.”. . . READ MORE


Modern ships more vulnerable at cyber attacks

2019-02-05 – A little after BIMCO published the new guidelines to improve cyber security, secureworld provides further insight on how ships can be hacked. Namely, modern ships are floating computer networks and have more and more systems that can be compromised. . . READ MORE


Woodmac: 10% of Marine Fuel to be Scrubbed

2019-02-08 – Recent research from Woodmac makes some fairly bold and insightful predictions on the future of maritime fuel as the clock ticks toward 2020 and new fuel rules from the IMO that will dramatically reduce the level of sulfur emissions from ships. . . READ MORE
ICS readies for life without fossil fuels

2019-02-12 – The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the top global shipowning lobby group, has admitted the industry will need to wean itself off fossil fuels in the coming decade to meet ambitious decarbonisation goals set for 2050. . . READ MORE

LNG Demand to Reach 600 MT in 2035

2019-02-12 – The energy demand would continue to grow driven by emerging economies and the projected growth in global population, which will touch nine billion by 2040. . . READ MORE


New Maritime Connectivity Platform Launched

2019-02-12 – The Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium has been established and a Platform launched last Friday during the conference e-Navigation Underway 2019.  The Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) is an open source technology a digital maritime domain. It brings common internet standards to maritime navigation and transportation systems. . . READ MORE


Business of Shipping: Risks and Challenges of Autonomous Shipping

2019-02-11 – The Business of Shipping is new column from Ira Breskin, senior lecturer at SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx, NY and author of The Business of Shipping (9th edition), North America’s most comprehensive industry-focused book explaining and analyzing marine transportation and related industries, both domestic and international. . . READ MORE

Bringing the Past into the Present- and Incorporating the Future

Last Ditch Effort to Save Falls of Clyde

2019-02-10 – Save Falls of Clyde-International has launched a gofundme fundraiser in an a last ditch effort to stop the disposal of the 140-year-old tall ship Falls of Clyde, currently based in Hawaii. . . READ MORE

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