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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week December 05, 2018

Road to extinction. . . Headlines of the Week- December 05, 2018          View this email in your browser

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Road to Extinction (for Some)

Forgive me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.  I just finished reading an opinion piece in SplashIs Digitalisation in Shipping Disruption or Racketeering?, where the author tries to make the case that the movement towards digitalization in shipping is based on racketeering (defined as “offering a service to solve a problem that would not otherwise exist”).  He cites “the need for a paradigm shift, is not yet coming from within the industry, but it is due to external hype.  Rest assured, when the principals feel the need to change how things are done, they will do so…”.

REALLY????? With all due respect, digitization is all about creating efficiency and value for the shipowner! If digital tools can make your operations more efficient, you save money in time and energy costs. And we are not in a period where “a need for a paradigm shift” exists– it is already happening!!!  In fact, shipping is one of the last markets to embrace this value-add opportunity!

The first online response to the article was equally disturbing when he states:  “I do not believe that any of this [digitalization] will be some kind of disruptive game changer for the industry. Bigger threats to be dealt with are punitive regulations like BWT and IMO 2020.”

Whether it is due to regulatory change (“punitive”??? The word is “required” unless we want the ire of global society upon our heads), competitive pressure (those utilizing these new technologies will create more efficient, and less costly, operations), or societal demands (millennials and Gen X require digitalization), our industry has changed.  There is forward momentum capturing the attention, and participation, of the major industry players who have vision and a determination to be leaders.

I suggest that companies get on board– or lose out to more nimble competitors.  Remember what happened to the dodo bird when it didn’t adapt…

Keep optimizing,


Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
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News of the Week
December 05, 2018 
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An Interview with
Wajdi Abdmessih
Seahawk Services


Oil majors begin crude oil trading on blockchain platform

2018-11-30 – In line with the rising interest on blockchain technology for trade industry in recent years, oil and gas companies will be able for the first time to finalising crude oil deals on a live blockchain-based platform. Blockchain has been viewed by many as a solution to transactions inefficiencies, as well as a way to improve transparency and reduce the risk of fraud. . . READ MORE


IMO Launches Biofouling Initiative

2018-11-26 – The IMO has launched a new international effort to combat the negative environmental impacts of biofouling.  The GloFouling Partnerships project is a collaboration between the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the IMO. . . READ MORE


Drivers of the 4th Industrial Revolution in maritime industry

2018-09-17 – Each and every sector, starting from finance to transportation to healthcare or media, is subject to the 4th Industrial Revolution which is building on the 3rd one; the digital revolution that has been occurring since the middle of the last century. Let’s take a look at what exactly the 4th industrial revolution means and its impact to the shipping industry as part of the, aforementioned, transportation sector. . . READ MORE

Alternative Energy

Renault to transport its cars on Neoline’s windship

2018-11-27 – French automobile company Renault announced the signing of a 3-year partnership with Nantes start-up Neoline, aiming to develop a wind-powered maritime transport service, and to contribute to the environmental management of its logistics chain, as nearly 60% of the Group’s parts and vehicles are transported by sea. The agreement was unveiled on the sidelines of the Assises de la Mer maritime conference. . . READ MORE


Singapore to Ban ‘Wash Water’ Discharges from Open-Loop Scrubber Systems from 2020

2018-11-30 – Singapore’s Maritime Port Authority (MPA) will ban the discharge of “wash water” used in ships to scrub engine exhaust from Jan. 1, 2020, the MPA said on Friday.  The ban of so-called open-loop scrubbers is part of an effort to prepare one of the world’s busiest ports for International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules that come into force in 2020 and oblige ships to use cleaner fuels. . . READ MORE


Trials for world’s first zero emission, ‘drop in’ HFO completed

2018-11-30 – GoodFuels Marine along with bulker and tanker owner and operator Norden A/S, has successfully completed trials of the world’s first zero emission, ‘drop in’ Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). . . READ MORE

Autonomous Shipping

Rolls-Royce and Wartsila in Close Race with Autonomous Ferries

2018-12-03 – Within days of each other, Wartsila and Rolls-Royce have announced successful dock-to-dock navigation tests aboard ropax ferries fitted with their respective autonomous-vessel systems. Wartsila described its autonomous trial as an “unprecedented” round of tests, and Rolls-Royce said that it has now demonstrated the “world’s first fully autonomous ferry.”.. . . READ MORE

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