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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week November 29, 2018

Awaken to change. . . Headlines of the Week- November 29, 2018          View this email in your browser

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An oceanic awakening- Wärtsilä
Awake on every suit?

Two weeks ago, I was honored to be the emcee for the North American World Maritime Day conference held in Cozumel, Mexico.  The IMO theme for 2018 was “Better Shipping for a Better Future”, and this event explored that, while underscoring the need for change.

But change must have a purpose.  One of the most profound moments was the showing of Wärtsilä’s Oceanic Awakening presenting a harsh look at the demands we place on our world today—and suggesting that we need to act NOW in order to mitigate the damage done by modern society and prepare intentionally for tomorrow’s growth and quality of life.

Shipping is no different.  Societal demands, technology and regulation are the visible drivers of change today.  But there are other, less obvious, influencers—market forces.  Today’s gold standard is “efficiency”- of ships, processes, capital, fuel and people.  There is also a demand for a seamless logistics chain; if we can’t deliver it, others- such as Amazon and Alibaba—will.

I closed the World Maritime Day Conference with an appeal to the delegates: let us remove from our language the phrase “Because we have always done it that way.”  We need to open our minds to new processes and approaches.  We need to have our own Oceanic Awakening.
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News of the Week
November 29, 2018 
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An Interview with
Kirsi Tikka, Ph.D. 
Executive Vice President
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)


Major Box Carriers Seeking to Harmonize Digitalization in Shipping

2018-11-15 – Shipping lines from each of the alliances have formed an association in a bid to develop “digitalisation, standardisation and interoperability”. . . READ MORE


Hurtigruten Aims for Carbon Neutral Operations by 2050

2018-11-16 – Norwegian cruise operator Hurtigruten is in talks to power part of its fleet using liquefied biogas (LBG) – a commodity comparable to LNG, but made using methane from biological sources rather than natural gas. . . READ MORE

How the oil market is responding to the 2020 sulphur cap

2018-11-22 – As the 2020 sulphur cap is nearing, oil markets are preparing to adapt to the new situation. Currently, oil markets are dealing with strong demand for diesel and jet fuel in comparison to gasoline, along with the introduction of new bunker fuel regulations in 2020. . . READ MORE

Alternative Energy

Project to Test Feasibility of Sail-Powered Bulk Carrier

2018-11-20 – Danish shipowner Ultrabulk has teamed up with a handful of companies in the UK the feasibility of fitting a modern bulk carrier with sail power in hopes of advancing technology that could help overall CO2 emissions in the shipping industry. . . READ MORE


California: AFS Certificate not enough to comply with biofouling regs

2018-11-16 – California recently shared its experience from the first year of enforcing the Marine Invasive Species Program (MISP) and the Biofouling Management Regulations, that apply to vessels arriving at California ports from 1 October 2017. The California State Lands Commission emphasised that the International Anti-Fouling System (AFS) Certificate issued by a vessel’s flag state is not enough to document effectiveness of a vessel’s antifouling coating in terms of preventing the transfer of marine invasive species. . . READ MORE

IMO Launches Biofouling Initiative

2018-11-26 – The IMO has launched a new international effort to combat the negative environmental impacts of biofouling. The GloFouling Partnerships project is a collaboration between the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the IMO.. . . READ MORE

Human Element

AB pay set to rise by just $27 over the next three years

2018-11-22 – The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) have hammered out a paltry $27 pay increase per month for able seafarers over the next three years, far below the inflation rates in key crewing nations, India and the Philippines. . . READ MORE

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