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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week August 22, 2018

The Tipping Point . . . Headlines the Week- August 22, 2018          View this email in your browser

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The Tipping Point

“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”
― Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a marvelous book called “The Tipping Point” in which he provided multiple stories about what constituted the moment when action was taken.  That moment in time when the evidence was strong enough for someone to make a decision.

We seem to be at that point now in shipping where the logjam on decisions surrounding fuel/scrubber choice, ballast water treatment systems, fuel quality and digitalization seems to have broken, and industry is moving forward to implement strategies surrounding these important decisions.

What is the best path forward for meeting the demands of Sulphur 2020?  Companies seem to be announcing their strategy to either use compliant fuel, or to invest in scrubbers.  While Maersk and Scorpio seem to be favoring the former, many companies such as Dorian, Norden, and Torm have now entered the scrubber arena, with more companies announcing every day.

This creates a conundrum for many owners, as the decision to use scrubbers could prompt a drydocking, which catalyzes the installation of BWMTS.  Regardless, the activity for BWMTS has picked up with Scorpio making a major investment in Ecochlor.  Each day brings a fresh announcement on systems being ordered, so watch this space!

The fallout from fuel contamination continues with the “virus” spreading from Houston to Panama to Singapore and beyond.  This is an area that needs more oversight as the damage to ships and the safety risks are unsupportable in today’s age.  It is to be hoped that IBIA prompts action to improve this area, along with other responsible authorities.

Digitalization is another area where the tipping point has been passed, as it is providing many opportunities for economic efficiencies welcomed by shipping, which struggles to financial stability after a long dry spell.  A relatively small investment today can reap tremendous benefits to the bottom line as data is harnessed for economic gain.  Another theme you will see at SHIPPINGInsight, especially with the announcement that Arundo Analytics has become our presenting partner!

SHIPPINGInsight 2018 is the tipping point for shipping.  See you there!

“If you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and behavior…you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured.”
― Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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News of the Week
August 22, 2018 
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More Ships Installing Scrubbers Ahead of 2020 – JBC

2018-08-14 – An increase in the number of ships adding cleaning systems to their smokestacks will mean vessels will continue to burn a sizable amount of fuel oil once new sulphur regulations for the fuel go into effect, Vienna-based consultancy JBC Energy said on Tuesday. . . READ MORE

The Eco Argument -Tougher emissions standards should boost the demand for eco-tonnage

2018-08-14 – A.P. Moller-Maersk CEO Soren Skou estimates that the upcoming restrictions on sulfur emissions could increase annual fuel costs for the shipping industry by over $50 billion. It’s no wonder, then, that the demand for eco-tonnage is expected to grow. . . READ MORE

VLCC owners with scrubbers in place by 2020 will enjoy first-mover advantage: Drewry

2018-08-15 – Analysis from UK consultants Drewry claims VLCC owners who have managed to get scrubbers on their ships by 2020 will enjoy a healthy first-mover advantage.  Drewry expects the premium for low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) to gradually decline from 2020 as supply increases. . . READ MORE

High-sulphur Fuel Demand Outlook Jumps as Shippers Soften Stance on Scrubbers

2018-08-21 – Demand for high sulphur marine fuels is likely to see a smaller drop than previously expected by 2020, said consultancy FGE, as changing attitudes to sulphur-stripping technologies from large shippers alter the outlook for use of the fuels. . . READ MORE

Report: Shipping Emissions Declining but More Innovation Needed to Meet IMO Goals

2018-08-20 – Carbon dioxide emissions from 22 top ocean container carriers, representing 85 percent of global containerized shipping, continued to fall in 2017, BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group said in a report.  However, more innovation and collaboration across the value chain is needed to achieve ambitious global climate goals, Clean Cargo pointed out. . . READ MORE


GulfNav Upgrading Fleet ahead of New Environmental Rules

2018-08-14 – Dubai-based shipping company Gulf Navigation Holding (GulfNav) is upgrading its fleet with new technologies that will help reduce the vessels’ fuel consumption and prepare them for new environmental regulations. . . READ MORE


Intertanko Fears Fuel Contamination Affecting Dozens of Ships Could Become an Epidemic

2018-08-14 – The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (Intertanko) has clamped down on maritime authorities across the board over their inaction regarding problems caused by contaminated fuels that have affected over a hundred of ships. . . READ MORE

Intertanko: Fuel contamination may become a global epidemic

2018-08-18 – After recent reports about fuel contamination at the Port of Houston initially, and then in Panama and Singapore, Intertanko blamed maritime authorities that they have not taken enough action to tackle this problem, which has caused issues to many ships. . . READ MORE

Environmental Innovation

Maersk Deploys Plastic Cleanup Project in Pacific Garbage Patch

2018-08-16 – Offshore vessel operator Maersk Supply Service has agreed to deploy the AHTS Maersk Launcher in support of the deployment of The Ocean Cleanup trash removal system, which aims to remove plastic debris from the waters of the North Pacific. It is the first large-scale initiative of its kind . . . READ MORE

Digital Leadership

Digital Twins- Class societies are pioneering new data-driven technologies that can cut costs and enhance efficiency

2018-08-17 – Individual shipowners may not always have the resources to invest in their own research and development. With intense competitive pressures, rising bunker prices and new compliance costs, their focus is on the bottom line. . . READ MORE


Chinese Blockchain Company Targets Maritime Silk Road

2018-08-21 – Chinese technology company Yuanben and Maritime Silk Road Platform, part of China’s Zhuozhi Logistics Group, have signed an agreement to provide blockchain services for global maritime freight. . . READ MORE

Ballast Water Treatment

How to comply with BWM Regulations when calling US ports

2018-08-18 – USCG reminds of the current regulations concerning BWM compliance for ships that operate in the waters of US, explaining which  option to select on NBIC’s Ballast Water Management Report. . . READ MORE

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