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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week August 15, 2018

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Asleep at the switch, or awake on all suits

We are all aware that our industry is going through a period of enormous change, driven by both regulatory and market forces.  But much of this should not come as a complete surprise:

  • Agreement on a global Sulphur cap of .5% occurred in 2008.
    “The global cap on the content of sulphur in marine fuel by 2020 or 2025 was first agreed by acclamation in 2008. The sulphur limit for marine heavy fuel oil is 3,500 times higher than the limit for diesel used in Europe’s cars and trucks, making the shipping industry the world’s second biggest emitter of SO2 after China.”
    Transport and Environment
  • Work on the prevention of air pollution and control of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships engaged in international trade started within the IMO in the late 1980s. Although discussions on GHG emission from ships within IMO started in the late 1980s, it was the 1997 MARPOL Conference Resolution 8 on “CO2 emissions from ships” that triggered IMO’s work on GHG emissions.

Establishing a regulatory framework is the first step, closely followed by the technology and procedures to meet them.  But there may be a tool that the industry should consider that would both facilitate its progress and be as much as a seismic shift as the radicalization of emissions:  the notion of data sharing outlined below by IBM data strategist Steven Adler.

“The value of any data is directly proportional to its utility – if you want to increase the value of data you have to increase its use,” Adler says. “One maritime organization collecting data for its own purposes can never maximize the value of that data.”

“Within the next three years the maritime and ocean industries will establish a culture of sharing data,” Adler predicts. “It’s inevitable. The benefits it will bring for sustainability, both environmentally and commercially, are simply too great to ignore. We have the infrastructure to do it today – it’s called the cloud – and the curiosity, talent and determination of countless millions of minds to extract real value from it. So, what are waiting for? Let’s unleash the power of your data.”

In Europe, data sharing is mandatory relating to the MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions), and in January it will be required by the IMO’s DCS (Data Collection System).  These are steps towards developing a strategy for reducing shipping’s impact.  But are there other ways in which shipping could better share its data to increase not only its sustainability but also for commercial benefit?

Tools are being developed to help shipping manage data.  Let’s work on ways we can maximize their benefits to companies, and the industry as a whole.  These are conversations we will be having at SHIPPINGInsight in October.  See you there!

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News of the Week
August 15, 2018 
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Cyber Security & Digitalization

Clarksons reveals more details of last year’s data breach

2018-08-01 – Shipbroker Clarksons has provided more details via a release about the cyber attack it uncovered last November. . . READ MORE

Digitalization to be increasingly adopted over the next five years

2018-08-08 – Over the course of the next five years, maritime suppliers across the value chain will increasingly adopt solutions to address security, overcapacity and accurate cost models, according to a new research from ABI Research. . . READ MORE

Maersk and IBM launch TradeLens blockchain shipping solution

2018-08-09 – A.P. Moller – Maersk and IBM have moved ahead with their previously announced plan to establish a joint venture to provide more efficient and secure methods for conducting global trade by using blockchain technology. . . READ MORE

How Open Data Could Save Our Oceans

2018-08-13 – According to data strategy and governance pioneer Steven Adler, the maritime industry must share its huge volume of data if it wants to prosper. Adler sees ships as platforms just waiting to be utilized to help us to manage our fragile ocean environments. He believes the data they collect can be pooled to unlock unique insights into the state of the ocean, the trends in its development, and the ways in which we can exploit resources while actually safeguarding and supporting its well-being. . . READ MORE


IBIA: No meaningful resolution reached on contaminated fuels issue

2018-08-18 – Following the very serious issues with contaminated fuel faced by ship owners in the US Gulf, ‘there has been no meaningful resolution’, as more than 100 vessel seem to have been affected, IBIA said in an official statement. . . READ MORE

As fuel contamination issues spike IBIA makes the case for more consistent testing

2018-08-03 – Following a spate of fuel contamination reports across the world from Singapore to the US Gulf in recent months the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has called for a globally consistent fuel testing method and protocol. . . READ MORE

LNG to Become the Fuel of Choice for Shipping?

2018-08-04 – Looking at LNG as a marine fuel, the IEA, in their 2017 World Energy Outlook estimates the market potential to 26 million tons per annum by 2030. According to DNV GL, LNG could account up to one-third of marine fuels by 2050. . . READ MORE

Gas to Become World’s Primary Energy Source by 2035

2018-08-09 – Oil and gas will be crucial components of the world’s energy future, according to DNV GL’s forecast of the energy transition. While renewable energy will grow its share of the energy mix, oil and gas will account for 44% of world energy supply in 2050, compared to 53% today. . . READ MORE

China Bets on LNG Bunkering

2018-08-13 – In keeping with its broader push for a natural gas-fueled economy, China’s government is putting its considerable influence behind LNG as a marine fuel. On Friday, China’s Ministry Of Transport released a timetable for creating a full-scale LNG bunkering infrastructure system by 2025, with a focus on riverine vessels. . . READ MORE


MOL to trial auto berthing

2018-08-03 – A group of Japanese organisations including shipping major Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) are pushing ahead with a project to develop auto berthing technology with funding coming from the Japanese government. . . READ MORE

Alternative Energy

FellowSHIP Project Concludes 15 years of Maritime Battery and Fuel Cell Research

2018-08-06 – After 15 years of extensive research, project partners Eidesvik Offshore, Wärtsilä Norway and DNV GL have recently announced the closure of the FellowSHIP project. It aimed to explore the use of battery, hybrid and fuel cell technology in the maritime industry . . . READ MORE


Maritime Thought Leadership: Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS

2018-08-08 – The maritime industry has been challenged, to say the least. Today, where do you see challenge? Where do you see opportunity?  It’s clear our business environment continues to change and we have a new definition of what normal means: nothing is normal. We are in era of rapid, disruptive and impactful change. . . READ MORE

PSA becomes majority shareholder of digital trade enabler CrimsonLogic

2018-08-09 – Singapore terminal operator PSA International has become the majority shareholder in compatriot digital trade enabler CrimsonLogic. . . READ MORE

Africa Opens its Doors to the World

2018-08-12 – A diverse continent with more than 50 different countries, Africa is blessed with vast natural resources – offshore oil and gas reserves, precious metals and diamonds, iron ore, cocoa, timber and more. That wealth of resources, coupled with an increasingly skilled workforce, key trade hubs and growing import markets, has enabled the continent to claim a strategic position on the world stage. And yet, it still holds a multitude of untapped opportunities for the global shipping industry. . . READ MORE


MOL announces Japan’s first green bonds

2018-08-08 – MOL issued Japan’s green bonds through a public offering in the country’s domestic market. It also announced the acquisition of a second opinion from a third-party institute. . . READ MORE

DHT Bets on Super-Profits from Scrubber Retrofits as It Considers Host of Financing Options

2018-08-09 – Bermuda-headquartered crude oil tanker company DHT Holdings has received numerous proposals to finance the scrubber retrofitting project for 12 of its very large crude carriers, the company said. . . READ MORE

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