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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week July 25, 2018

In the Room Where it Happens . . . Headlines the Week- July 25, 2018          View this email in your browser

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Being in “The Room Where it Happens”

Three years ago, I was one of the fortunate souls who was able to get tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton”.  I didn’t know much about it aside from an article I had read, and didn’t think I would enjoy it as I am not a natural fan of hip hop music.  I was very wrong!  It was transformational and remains the best Broadway show I have ever seen.

One of the songs was pivotal to the story, and relevant in everyday life: The Room Where It Happens.  In this case, Aaron Burr recounts how the framework for the United States was agreed upon amongst a very few:

No one else was in
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
No one really knows how the game is played
The art of the trade
How the sausage gets made
We just assume that it happens
But no one else is in
The room where it happens

How does this relate to shipping?  Opportunities to be involved in decision making, solution providing and investing surround us every day.  We just need to enter.

At the decision-making level, we all have the opportunity, should we choose to access it, to attend IMO meetings in London.  That is “The Room Where It Happens”.  We also have the opportunity to input to solution providing, where we can express our challenges and needs, and look to subject matter experts to meet our criteria.

Finally, we have an opportunity to invest in future solutions.  It has been my honor and privilege over the past few months to be involved in two groups that are working to bring new technologies to the marine industry:

SeaAhead Ventures located in Providence, Rhode Is a benefit corporation whose mission is to catalyze the intersection of sustainability, oceans and innovation. They work with entrepreneurs, researchers and corporations to accelerate bluetech innovation, ocean and coastal sustainability and resiliency, and the reduction of man’s environmental footprint.

The Maritime Global Technology Innovation Center (MGTIC), located at SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx, New York, presents a neutral ground for entrepreneurs focused within a thriving maritime ecosystem.  MGTIC will spur development of solutions and serve as a bridge among the tech, maritime, logistics, and finance communities to connect startups to maritime interests globally.

Many times, maritime takes technologies from other sources, such as land-based, and adapts them to seaborn applications.   Perhaps the timing is right to invest upfront in technologies that are created FOR the marine industry.  To be part of that discussion, you need to be “In the room where it happens.”

On the final day of SHIPPINGInsight, we will be running two breakout “Shark Tank” sessions offered by SeaVenture and MGTIC.  Be sure YOU are “In the room where it happens”!!

Keep optimizing,


     Carleen Lyden Walker
     Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador
+1 203 255 4686 (o)
+1 203 260 0480 (m)
News of the Week
July 25, 2018 
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Hong Kong announces air pollution regulations

2018-07-17 – Hong Kong published the Air Pollution Control (Fuel for Vessels) Regulation, which requires all vessels to use compliant fuel within the waters of Hong Kong to reduce their emissions and improve air quality. If approved by the Council, the Regulation will take effect on 1 January 2019. . . READ MORE

ICS Encouraged by IMO Progress on 2020 Global Sulphur Cap Implementation Issues

2018-07-17 – The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) says it is encouraged by efforts made by IMO Member States to resolve so of the challenges ahead of the global 0.5% sulphur fuel cap regulations taking effect on 1 January 2020. . . READ MORE

Carnival Corp Meets Its CO2 Reduction Goal Ahead of Schedule

2018-07-20 – Miami-based cruise ship major Carnival Corporation & plc has reached a 26.3 percent reduction in CO2 emissions relative to the 2005 baseline, surpassing its 2020 target ahead of schedule. . . READ MORE

Scrubbers in numbers: 983 vessels have opted for EGCS

2018-07-18 – Scrubber uptake is rapidly accelerating with the number of ships with exhaust gas cleaning systems installed or on order standing at 983 as of 31 May 2018, according to a survey by the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA). . . READ MORE


Watch: IMO’s 70 years of ‘Better shipping for a better future’

2018-07-17 – As 2018 marks 70 years since the IMO Convention entered into force, the IMO issued a short animated film showing how the organization has developed mandatory international regulations covering almost every aspect of shipping: safety, environmental protection, search and rescue, security, Arctic routes and many others . . . READ MORE

Five new trends in global shipping

2018-07-17 – In their recently-published ISCD report, The Baltic Exchange and Xinhua cite what they believe to be the new trends in global shipping. These include, among others, a shift in new technologies with the emerging concept of intelligent ports, a greater concern for shipping’s environmental footprint with the implementation of green policies, an increased development of Asia-Pacific shipping through ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, as well as the market consolidation trend with alliances. . . . READ MORE

Shipping Losses Continue to Fall But Old and New Threats Remain -Report

2018-07-18 – Large shipping losses have declined by more than a third over the past decade, but new cyber and climate risks, along with human error, threaten safety progress, according to global insurance firm Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty . . . READ MORE

Opinion: 2020 Sulfur Cap May Augur an Oil Shock

2018-07-18 – What’s the most important element in global commodity markets right now? Carbon? Copper? Gold?  Wrong on all three counts. Sulfur — the yellow, infernal substance that gives rotten eggs their smell and hardens the rubber in car tires — is quietly roiling the energy industry. The disruptions could reshape everything from Australian coal, to the diesel and gasoline in your car, to petcoke, a coal-like residue of oil refining burned in Indian power stations. . . . READ MORE


Coast Guard: 50 percent of US towing vessels transmitting incorrect AIS data

2018-07-06 – A vessel’s automatic identification system (AIS) is crucial to the crew’s safety. AIS is a situational awareness tool that was originally intended for collision avoidance, but it has many other applications. . . READ MORE

IMO on Maritime Security in 21st Century

2018-07-23 – International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General Kitack Lim has highlighted the Organization’s work and response to a changing maritime security landscape. . . READ MORE


Commercial Maritime’s Great Migration to VSAT

2018-07-19 – Shipowners who want to get the value out of data, applications and smarter shipping have realized that VSAT is the new L-Band, says Malcolm McMaster. . . READ MORE


Death of Dirty Fuel Oil May Be Exaggerated as Ships Fit Scrubbers

2018-07-19 – One of the world’s most polluting fuels may have some life left in it yet.  Demand for high sulfur fuel oil is expected to crater in 2020 when the International Maritime Organization introduces a cap on sulfur. But companies that build exhaust cleaning systems for ships, which enable the vessels to keep burning the fuel, reported bumper orders this week. Shares of one, Alfa Laval AB, rose to a record after saying it was nearly sold out for next year. . . READ MORE


Autonomous vessels advance but challenges are emerging

2018-07-23 – Technology disruption is becoming a reality and autonomous vessels are getting more and more attention. Around the world, significant milestones continue to be reached. However, legal, safety and cyber security issues are likely to limit the growth of autonomous vessels for the foreseeable future. . . READ MORE

Drones Will Take Off for Shipping, Says Allianz

2018-07-22 – Unmanned systems are finding a growing number of applications in the maritime sector, and have the potential to make a significant contribution to safety and risk management, says the Allianz GlobalCorporate & Specialty’s (AGCS) Safety and Shipping Review 2018. . . READ MORE


Imperial Logistics Encourages Digital Collaboration

2018-07-22 – Imperial Logistics is joining a new industrial initiative as one of its founding members. The consortium is called +D (plusdecentral) and aims to build a cross-company transaction protocol bringing automation and new business models to the Supply Chain. . . READ MORE

3D production engineering helps rapid rollout of NYC Ferry fleet

2018-07-23 – Designer Incat Crowther says that its close interaction with the shipyards involved has helped NYC Ferry operated by Hornblower meet record breaking passenger demand for the commuter service, which launched in May 2017 and took just 86 days to notch up its millionth passenger. . . READ MORE

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