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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week June 20, 2018

Role of a Leader


The Role of Leadership Today

Nobody has said that change is easy.  It takes identification of an issue, research into how best to address the issue, and a decision to accept the risk to move forward.  For the shipping industry, we are surrounded by a need to change not just on one front—but multiple fronts.  This requires leadership and a commitment to change not for change’s sake, but for improvement and efficiency.

One such leader is Cargill who released its first Corporate Responsibility Report outlining not just their performance on different measures, but identifying the steps it intends to take to improve its performance on these measures.  It offers a transparency that is unusual to shipping, but is a direction we must take in order to accelerate our industry’s evolution into a more efficient, modern and environmentally benign transportation provider.

The public today has a love/hate relationship with shipping.  While they love purchasing their goods and energy at a low price point, they expect us to operate with no adverse impact on the environment and risk-free in terms of safety and security.  With a tsunami of regulations facing us, along with the push for digitalization to promote efficiency, the industry is seeking guidance on all fronts.

We need more leaders like Cargill and Maersk who are stating their position on what industry needs to do to remain competitive.  We need more innovators and investors, more decision makers and risk takers, more visionaries who see a global fleet that is operating in a manner that brooks no criticism of its practices and easily asserts its value.

These are just some of the conversations that will be happening at SHIPPINGInsight in October.  I hope you will join us as we enter the “Fourth Revolution”.

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News of the Week
June 20, 2018 
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Cargill in 2020 emissions pledge

2018-06-19 – Global commodities giant Cargill has vowed to cut carbon emissions from its shipping division by up to 15% by 2020.  The reduction of CO2 per cargo-ton-mile is targeted at its massive time-chartered fleet.  At any given time, Cargill has around 600 ships on the water. . . READ MORE

Shipping associations urge pragmatic approach to IMO 2020 sulfur compliance

2018-06-18 – Shipping associations urge pragmatic approach to IMO 2020 sulfur compliance Five shipping associations have called on the International Maritime Organization to adopt a pragmatic approach when enforcing compliance with its global sulfur cap of 0.5% in marine fuels to avoid compromising safety or unfairly penalizing individual ships. . . READ MORE

Tracking CO2 from Trade

2018-06-17 – A new database gives researchers — and potentially policymakers — the ability to see how global trade affects environmental impacts.  Trade is one of the most visible hallmarks of 21st century life. Cheap shipping and global supply chains mean that goods made in one country can easily be shipped for purchase or consumption halfway around the world. . . READ MORE


RightShip uses big data to find reliable vessels

2018-06-15 – Big data tools used for real-time analysis of tennis matches are being adapted to the maritime sector, swapping out Serena Williams and her powerful serve for vessels and a boatload of reliability metrics.  RightShip, using IBM’s predictive analytics platform, calculates the likelihood that an individual merchant ship will experience mechanical, compliance or other troubles within the next year. It also analyzes vessel efficiency and carbon emissions. . . READ MORE


Watch: IMO Sec-Gen’s message on Day of the Seafarer 2018

2018-06-18 – The video is a message by IMO Secretary-General addressing seafarer’s wellbeing, particularly their mental health and how this year’s campaign on the Day of the Seafarer, highlights specific strategies to tackle stress and other issues affecting seafarers’ mental conditions. . . READ MORE

Shipping and human element: An underrated relationship

2018-06-18 – Studies say that the 90% of all accidents at sea are caused by the human factor. There is hope that autonomy can bring a drop in the number of collisions and groundings, particularly when it comes to navigation-related ones. But, what’s the percentage of accidents prevented by humans? It is very “convenient” to put the blame for losses at sea on humans. Indeed, usually ship-owners use it as takeaway, without mentioning that human element is actually the reason why the loss is not greater. Thus, is autonomous shipping hype ignoring the value of human element?. . . READ MORE


Regulatory Update: Cyber security risks

2018-06-18 – Ships are increasingly using systems that rely on digitization, integration, and automation. As a result, security of data and other sensitive information has become a major concern of maritime. . . READ MORE

Watch: Maersk CEO on cyber security and digitalization

2018-06-18 – During an interview, A.P. Moller-Maersk’s CEO Soren Skou, talked about digitalization. Mr. Skou explained what measures Maersk has taken in order to improve its cyber security, and highlighted the importance of digitalizing container shipping. . . READ MORE


Disruptive technologies drive sustainability in the shipping industry

2018-06-18 – The shipping industry’s operating context will alter significantly over the next 15 years. Cargos and markets are changing, and there are new challenges in global ocean governance, argues Mr. Bjørn Kj. Haugland, Executive Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), DNV GL Group. . . READ MORE

Fuel Quality

Safety Alert – Bad Bunker Fuel Causing Problems for Vessels on U.S. Gulf Coast

2018-06-12 – Note: Below is a Safety Alert distributed at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Investigations and Analysis following a series of fuel system issues impacting several of vessels which had bunkered in Houston, Texas.  One fuel analysis company has even called the problem one of the most widespread fuel quality issues in recent years after it identified at least 30 vessels suffering some sort of fuel burn issue, such as sticking fuel plungers, fuel-pump seizures, and other failures, after burning what has been identified as contaminated bunker fuel not connected to any one supplier or barge . . READ MORE

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