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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week June 6, 2018

All the news you want to hear from Posidonia

What a difference two years makes!!  The gloomy skies seem to be clearing over Greece, and Posidonia is abuzz with energy and action!

The shipowners are sharing strategies openly for addressing many of our environmental and regulatory challenges.  Slow steaming has been suggested by the dry bulk owners as a strategy for the impending Global Sulphur Cap with its attendant low Sulphur/higher priced fuel.  At the same time, the floodgates seem to have been opened on scrubber orders.  Many of the manufacturers are announcing major orders, and the sales representatives are smiling for the first time in a long while.

At the same time, life seems to be leveling out for Ballast Water Management Treatment Systems.  The manufacturers seem attuned to the need for reliability, training and aftermarket support on a global scale.  This has certainly been a sector where Darwin has played a strong role with his “Survival of the Fittest” moniker!

An area that seems to be blocked are the implications of blockchain on the marine industry.  In both a Baltic Exchange event, and again at the Tradewind’s Shipowners forum, there is a sense of “business as usual”, with one delegate actually asking: “What is blockchain??”.

The time for denial is at an end.  Whether you are talking about Sulphur 2020 deadlines or the fundamental changes digitalization will visit upon shipping, the runway before us is for change—of nearly everything.

Make sure SHIPPINGInsight is on your agenda for the fall (October 16-18th).  You certainly want to be part of the discussion, and not on a path to extinction!!!

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News of the Week
June 6, 2018 
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‘Inevitable that LNG will be the primary fuel source for marine transport’: Peter Livanos

2018-06-05 – Shipping industry giants debated the future of LNG Shipping at ABS’ panel discussion held at the start of Posidonia 2018 yesterday.  Chairman and CEO of Angelicoussis Shipping Group John Angelicoussis, executive chairman of Gaslog Peter Livanos, chairman of Dynacom George Procopiou and chairman emeritus of Poten and Partners Michael Tusiani joined ABS chairman Christopher Wiernicki for a two-hour discussion: The Future of LNG Shipping: What Matters Most? held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. . . READ MORE


CMA CGM Links Up with AI Startup for Navigation Safety

2018-06-04 – CMA CGM is collaborating with a San Francisco-based startup, Shone, to embed artificial intelligence on board its ships.  CMA CGM is allowing Shone to take onboard data and analyze it at the startup’s headquarters with the aim of facilitating ship navigation by providing crews with decision support on maritime safety and piloting. . . READ MORE

BW Adds KVH Connectivity Services to 45 More Vessels

2018-06-04 – KVH Industries, Inc. announced that BW Group has chosen KVH’s connectivity services for 45 additional vessels in its fleet. The two companies will also continue with a connectivity contract for the LPG and LNG vessels in BW’s fleet that have had KVH’s VSAT systems and services since 2013. . . READ MORE

Ship Noise

Quieting the Waters

2018-06-04 – Orcas are charismatic, playful and well-publicized, and they might be British Columbia’s best-known animals. One large subgroup is also endangered, and researchers say that ship noise – particularly cavitation – bears a large share of the blame. . . READ MORE


LR: Zero Emission Ships’ Main Challenge Lies in Fuel Storage

2018-06-04 – The shipping sector recently took a giant leap toward decarbonisation as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) member states agreed on the requirement which would see the industry reduce its emissions by at least 50 pct by 2050 compared to 2008. . . READ MORE


New ABS Model Offers Quantitative Cyber Risk Assessment for Marine Assets
Industry-leading approach applies data-driven decisions to produce actionable insight into cyber risks

2018-06-05 – ABS today announced its successful development of a groundbreaking new methodology to measure cyber security risk associated with operational technology, providing marine and offshore clients a calculated risk index for vessels, fleets and facilities. The index quantifies cyber security risk and gives owners and operators an actionable strategy to reduce cyber risk onboard a vessel.. . . READ MORE

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