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Fleet Optimization and Innovation Headlines of the Week May 31, 2018

Take the risk of uncharted waters
“The prairies are littered with the bodies of pioneers”-
Building the case for sailing into uncharted waters
The history of mankind is one of pushing boundaries, exploring the unknown, and creating communities and settlements when the terrain seems hospitable.  Evolving technologies and change follow much of the same pattern:  new challenges (or a new focus) create opportunities to push forward into uncharted areas not knowing what the outcome will be, or if the effort will be successful.That is about where we are in so many areas of shipping.  Multiple demands are being placed on our industry in a convergence of regulatory requirements and market opportunities—not to mention risk.  While risk is no stranger to shipping, the stakes are higher in cost and efficacy. Developing a strategy around change is an important first step– as Sam Walton founder of Walmart said: “To succeed in this world, you have to change all the time”.So where to start, especially in light of the “bodies of pioneers” in your path?  Yes, we have experienced the growing pains of OWS (Oily water separators), BWMT (Ballast Water Management Technology) and now the debate over scrubbers.  (I received a note from a charterer who wanted to know why shipowners haven’t made a dash to install scrubbers; perhaps this is the reason?)Regardless, the chronometer is ticking on all fronts.  Pressure on emissions of all types, cyber security, the challenges of automation, data management is being brought to bear today—and industry must act.There is no silver bullet, but I hope you can take guidance in the words of the Dalai Lama:“Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.”

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News of the Week
May 31, 2018 
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Maersk Taps ABS to Lead Workshop on Cargo Hazards Impacting Safety on Containerships

2018-05-29 – Maersk Line recently tapped classification society ABS to lead a workshop to identify and evaluate potential hazards posed on containerships from dangerous cargo stowage in the aftermath of the Maersk Honam fire.  The workshop assembled industry stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive Hazard Identification (HAZID) study to better understand key risks associated with cargo. . . READ MORE

New guidelines to ensure seafarers mental well-being

2018-05-29 – For seafarers mental health issues are a very important matter. These can include the pressures of being separation from family and isolation. For this reason, the UK Chamber of Shipping, Nautilus International and the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) have created new guidelines to help shipping companies set up policies on mental well-being. . .READ MORE


5 key steps to cyber resilience

2018-05-28 – Autonomous shipping and digitalization are currently the ‘buzz’ words around us; however, many things need to be considered about these issues and the industry continues to discussing a lot about them. Certainly, these are the new trends in the spotlight and more developments are looming in the forthcoming years to make the smart shipping concept a reality. However, the ‘smart era’ escalates cyber security risks; in 2017 shipping industry reported the first significant cyber incidents which rang the bell for this new kind of threats. . . READ MORE

IBM Introduces New Authenticity Tool

2018-05-26 – IBM Research has introducing IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a new technology that brings innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and optical imaging together to help prove the identity and authenticity of objects.  All objects and substances have their own unique optical patterns, sometimes undetectable by the human eye, that differentiate them from each other. These patterns can distinguish an organic ear of corn from a genetically modified one, or identify impurities in diamonds, for example. . . READ MORE


South Korea to fund struggling shipbuilding areas

2018-05-29 – The South Korean government will designate five key shipbuilding centres on the country’s south coast as “industry crisis” zones eligible for economic support, according to the finance minister, Kim Dong-yeon. These areas are home to shipbuilding companies that have struggled with high unemployment in recent years. . . READ MORE

Greece still tops the tonnage charts with one in five ships of the global merchant fleet

2018-05-25 – One in five merchant ships around the world are Greek, cementing the Mediterranean nation’s position at the top of the global deadweight tonnage ranks.  The 20% figure was included in the latest annual report from the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), published days ahead of Posidonia, the giant biennial shipping exhibition in Athens. . . READ MORE


IMO Takes First Steps to Address Autonomous Ships

2018-05-26 – The IMO has officially commenced work to look into how safe, secure and environmentally sound Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) operations may be addressed in IMO instruments.  The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) endorsed a framework for a regulatory scoping exercise, as work in progress, including preliminary definitions of MASS and degrees of autonomy. MASS has been defined as a ship which, to a varying degree, can operate independently of human interaction. . . READ MORE


ICS: Carbon Targets for Shipping Only Possible with ‘Zero CO2’ Fuels

2018-05-25 – The ambitious CO2 reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the year 2050 can only be delivered with the global rollout of zero CO2 fuels and propulsion systems, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) believes. . . READ MORE

Singapore Warns of Fines for Exhaust Smoke

2018-05-24 – On Tuesday, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore warned vessel operators to avoid “excessive” emissions of soot, ash or dark smoke from their main and auxiliary engines during their port calls.  “MPA takes a serious view of vessels emitting excessive smoke as it can adversely affect the air quality in the atmosphere,” MPA said. “MPA will take stern action against offenders.”. . . READ MORE

Data Management

Maersk-Backed Blockchain Platform for Marine Insurance Launched

2018-05-25 – A new marine insurance blockchain platform backed by Maersk Group has been launched today to support marine hull insurance.  Named Insurwave, the platform has been built by a joint venture between EY and Guardtime and leverages blockchain and distributed ledger technologies Microsoft Azure infrastructure and ACORD data standards. . . READ MORE

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