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The Power of Partnership

These past few weeks have seen exciting announcements about partnerships that are being formed to address the issues of our times.  These collaborations are going to enable our industry to aggressively pursue solutions to our biggest question: “How??”

By now, we are well versed in the “What” needs to be done to progress our industry:  decarbonization, cyber security, digitalization, autonomy, reduced sulphur and more.  The thorny bit is how we are going to make the magic to realize the benefits, and risks, of these evolving areas.

Partners need to trust each other; the most successful partnerships are built on trust and transparency.  No one in today’s world has the resources to invest in solving the challenges of today alone.  But working collaboratively, we can begin down the path of success.

How are shipowners going to be able to order ships today for a 25-year trading life?  How can they anticipate the requirements of regulations that haven’t yet been penned?  How can they identify technologies they want to embrace in order to meet these regulations?

We need to come together as an Industry to thrash out these thorny issues—which is what SHIPPINGInsight is all about.  Gathering to voice questions, challenge theories, and articulate answers; bringing the supply side together with the demand side and forming partnerships leading to solutions.

As Nicky Pappadakis often says: “Making two plus two equal five”. That is the power of partnerships!!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Aime Pascoe, the Director of Blue Communications, and discuss change in the maritime industry, the role of the IMO in that change and collaboration that moves the industry forward.  CLICK HERE to view our discussion,“Collaboration is Key”.


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