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Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.23.17 PMVideo segments can be viewed on the SHIPPINGInsight TV channel at New videos are being uploaded weekly, so check back often.

email smallBent for efficiency, unorthodox sterns promise energy savings

art2September 29, 2017 — Since humans first took to the water, hull symmetry has been the rule almost without exception. For a while “steerboards” occupied what we now call the starboard side of a vessel, but that was just about the only variation. Now, researchers in Europe are promoting asymmetrical sterns as a way to improve fuel economy by better accounting for the hydrodynamic forces created by the rotation of the propeller on a single-screw vessel. Continue Reading…

professional-mariner-logoNew Systems Support Autonomy and Remote Control

art3November 4, 2017 — There has been a number of new systems introduced over the last month that demonstrate the pace of innovation towards autonomous and remotely controlled marine operations. Continue Reading…

The Maritime ExecutiveKVH gets Epic

art4November 2, 2017 — KVH is set to launch an upgraded version of its mini-VSAT service, utilising Intelsat Epic high throughput satellite (HTS) capacity to boost its network capabilities and deliver up to 10 Mbps connectivity to maritime customers under a range of new plans. Continue Reading…

DigitalShipCyber Shoal Waters

art5November 6, 2017 — Over the past two months the world has been rocked by three major hacking events that have garnered international notice. These included the EQIFAX event in which 140 million individuals were reported to be possibly compromised, the WannaCry attack and the NotPeyta event. In the past two years the emphasis on the cyber security of the Marine Transportation System, a vital economic cog to the world has come under increasing scrutiny. Continue Reading…

MarineLinkCloud based solution eases EU MRV compliance

art6November 3, 2017 — To help shipowners meet the European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation that comes into force January 1, 2018, Rolls-Royce has added a cloud-based fuel consumption and carbon dioxide monitoring module. Continue Reading…

MarineLogMen in Block

art7Q3 2017 — Blockchain may feel like an alien concept, but it’s already walking shipping’s streets providing real-world solutions to real-world problems, explain Deanna MacDonald and Karim Jabbar. Continue Reading…


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