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New Eco-friendly Expedition Cruise Ship in the Works

art1August 3, 2017 — Rolls-Royce said it has signed a deal with WestSea Yard, part of Martifer Group, to equip an expeditionary oceanic cruise ship for Portuguese based cruise company Mystic Cruises. Continue Reading…

MarineLinkWard: How your ship probably has been hacked already

art3April 3, 2017 — You have been either hacked … or just didn’t know you have been hacked.

I predict that the first catastrophic maritime cyberincident will not be the result of a direct attack on a safety-critical specific piece of equipment. It will be the result of an infection on a random PC, perhaps an unassuming email to a crewmember, whose PC is either connected to the vessel’s internal “super highway,” or he transmits the infection internally while it lies dormant. Crypto locker or ransomware software (used by thousands of hackers) is easily available to download on the dark Web; neither of which may necessarily attack the equipment they infect, but they can lie dormant and infect connected equipment when nobody expects. You have been warned! Watch the video link at the end of this article to see an attack on maritime equipment in real time. Continue Reading…

professional-mariner-logoCyber Threats Prompt Return of Radio for Ship Navigation

art4August 7, 2017 —The risk of cyber attacks targeting ships’ satellite navigation is pushing nations to delve back through history and develop back-up systems with roots in World War Two radio technology. Continue Reading…

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.21.25 PMCryptocurrency for shipping launched

art5August 3, 2017 — A Hong Kong-based firm has launched a cryptocurrency specifically for the shipping industry, built on the already established Ethereum blockchain, which will begin its initial coin offering (ICO) on August 16th. Continue Reading…

DigitalShipWärtsilä to supply engines for German LNG-fuelled research vessel

art6August 1, 2017 — The technology group Wärtsilä is to supply the engines for a new LNG-fuelled research vessel being built for the German Government. Wärtsilä will also supply exhaust cleaning systems based on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and the LNGPac system for complete fuel gas handling. The SCR technology will be needed when the engines are running on conventional marine diesel fuel if the vessel exhausts its supply of LNG on long voyages. The vessel is under construction at the Fassmer shipyard in Germany and will be owned by Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH), the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency. The contract was signed with Wärtsilä in June 2017. Continue Reading…


SHIPPINGInsight Award

art9Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 SHIPPINGInsight Award. The deadline is Sept. 16. Don’t wait until the last minute. Submit your entry now using the convenient online portal:


envirocleanseEnvirocleanse, LLC, owned by Charter Brokerage – a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY company – was founded in 2007 as a developer and provider of environmentally safe disinfection using electrochemical activation (ECA) for applications in the oil and gas fracking, food service, and medical industries. Envirocleanse has developed a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) in collaboration with Glosten to prevent the transfer of harmful aquatic species via ship’s ballastwater. With patented nozzles inside the ballast tanks and a robust hypochlorite generator, the Envirocleanse inTankTM BWTS is the most advanced and sustainable system on the market.

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