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ABS executive warns cyber-risk ‘not going away’

art1March 22, 2017 — (STAMFORD, Conn.) — ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical services to the marine and offshore industries, participated in the 32nd annual CMA Shipping Conference and Exhibition in Stamford, Conn., where ABS Chief Operating Officer Tony Nassif shared his perspective on cyber-related challenges faced by the marine industry. Continue Reading…


AIS Meets IoT
How Technology is Set to Transform Global Ocean Trade and Supply Chain Efficiency

art2March 22, 2017 — Stephen Powell, AIS Team Manager at ORBCOMM, explores the evolution of vessel tracking and monitoring technology and looks into the future of smart global ocean trade and supply chains, harnessing satellite AIS, internet of things (IoT) connectivity and big data to deliver unprecedented levels of visibility and control. Continue Reading…

The Maritime Executive

MacGregor and R-R to collaborate on autonomous box ships

art3March 23, 2017 — MacGregor and Rolls-Royce are to collaborate on R&D exploring the impact of developments in autonomy for cargo ship navigation and cargo systems onboard containerships. Continue Reading…


Alternative Ferry Propulsion Systems: A Case Study

art4March 22, 2017 — Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) serves many ferry customers in North America. These clients read the trade publications and see various articles on new technologies such as hybrid propulsion, battery powered vessels or zero emission vessels. After finishing such an article they ask themselves: “What advantages would that technology bring to my operation and what will it cost?” To that end, EBDG developed some tools to help answer those questions. Continue Reading…


Global Eagle brings airline portal to cruise ships

art5March 14, 2017 — Global Eagle Entertainment has launched a new Airtime Portal for cruise ships, a platform to enable cruise ship operators to deliver Wi-Fi, instant messaging, social media, live TV, movies, games and news directly to passengers’ mobile devices anywhere on the ship. Continue Reading…


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